Antique gypsy rings - an ingenious solution

Antique gypsy rings - an ingenious solution

Imagine yourself in the 19th Century, Victorian times.  Imagine you are incredibly wealthy and you like to wear your jewellery but are nervous that displaying such riches will attract the wrong kind of attention - the attention of unscrupulous criminals that might seek to relieve you of your treasures and, in particular, your gemstones.

With that context, ingenious jewellers marketed low-set rings where diamonds and other precious stones could be set snugly in the gold band and less prone to being pried from their setting.

Unfortunately, these rings came to be known as 'gypsy' rings and the setting 'gypsy fashion' since the propaganda of the day would have it that highwaymen and robbers would often be of Romany gypsy origin. 

Today, antique gypsy rings, particular Victorian gypsy rings, are highly sought after.  Typically, antique gypsy rings will have one or three stones but sometimes more. It is common for the gemstones to be diamond - usually an old mine cut diamond or possibly a rose cut diamond.  However, we also see many other gemstones - rubies, garnets and sapphires for certain, usually in combination with diamonds. We also see from time to time gypsy rings featuring emeralds, opals, tourmalines or demantoid garnet but they are more rare.

The gypsy ring remains attractive today and continues to be a design that is still produced by some of the top jewellery houses including Cartier and Chaumet.

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